Short film • 4 min 20 sec • Drama, Science Fiction • (2018)

A boy and his mum are in their homemade spaceship awaiting lift off for their holiday to heaven.

Role: Director, Producer & Editor.

Director Statement

Based on the premise, "What will happen when there is no salvation from a giant meteorite colliding the earth?", Carolyn Goodyear created this beautiful story of a mother and her s just moments before the end. When searching for scripts to direct, this one got my attention right away, despite the simple set up in terms of production. The depth of the main character´s emotions and struggle was something I wanted to work with.This story is about protection and love. As the film unfolds, we discover little details that keep changing our perspective of what is happening.

On a personal level, I´m at a point in life where protection of my family resonated a lot. My wife and I left the warmth of Mexico to move to the dead winters of Canada 2 years ago (1 year at the time of filming) and starting from scratch in a different country and culture is not an easy thing. While I am pushing forward with my creative project, we also need to pay rent and strive in a new place on our own, and that sense of uncertainty is heart crushing. At the same time, we keep a brave face for our loved ones.

Similarly, all the elements for the film had to reflect that sense of protection: For lights, we decided to go on having an overall warm tone - very soft - and that helped set this mood of comfort with the characters. On the decoration side, the fort made under a bunk bed also gives the impression of a shelter, a place where everyone will be safe. The cardboard tones and the white of the fort helped keep the same harmonic atmosphere. Camera movement was kept to a minimum to allow the audience to just be there.

In the end, this film has the possibility to have a different meaning according to whomever is watching it. Without the set up of the end of the world, the audience may have a different impression of what is happening. This will affect whether they like what the main character, what she is doing or not, and will have their own perspective on her actions.

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